Energy 101: Wind Turbines

Kids Ahead Wind Energy Website

Use the link above to complete the Kids Ahead Wind Energy Scavenger Hunt. This worksheet can be found in your Wind Energy packet. Make sure you work as a team to figure out the missing word. (For number 4, click HERE to open and read the article.)


EDP Renewables

This renewable energy company is responsible for a number of wind farms located internationally. Check out what a wind turbine is and how they work under the "Technology" tab and then follow the link "For Teachers, Kids and Consumers."

Alliant Energy Kids: Wind Power

Check out the different wind farms located in the United States. Read a little more about Wind Energy, then take the quiz!

Wind -

Make sure you check out the wind potential map located on the right side of the webpage. What is the wind potential where we live? Where might you want to build a wind farm?
Next, check out the Top 10 Things you DIDN'T Know About Wind and some of the other links regarding wind energy in Michigan and Massachusetts.

Windfall Tycoon

In this game you research plots of land that may or may not be suitable for wind turbines and then build where the wind is the best. Make sure you do your research or you may not be able to generate enough electricity for your town.

Tracking Golden Eagles by Satellite; Impact of Large-Scale Wind Farms Studied

Golden eagle populations in northern Sweden are being studied in relation to large-scale wind farms.

Wind Farms Can Cause Noise Problems Finds Study

Wind Turbine Syndrome? Chronic headaches? 6,000 more wind turbines?

Briefing Note on the Effects of Wind Farms on Bird and Bat Populations

How do People Feel About Wind Energy?


OGE: Wind Power (Hitachi)

National Geographic - Alternative Energy

National Geographic - Iowa Wind Power


For the rotating centers associated with this unit, you will...
1.) Read the article Fishing Concerns with Mrs. Shaner
2.) Match myths with Cape Wind responses
3.) Explore the Cape Wind website and read up to date information regarding the project
4.) Analyze media used to persuade or dissuade an audience from supporting Cape Wind

At each of the centers you will be expected to complete two rows in the How Do People Feel About Wind Energy? chart. Work as a group and make sure you are discussing what you record. When we have completed the centers, you will be creating your own persuasive media and writing a persuasive paragraph to share your views on wind energy.