Comparing Banks - Picking the One that is Right for YOU!

Make sure you and your partner have your "Money Management" packets out and open to the page "Which Checking Account is RIGHT for ME?". You will visit the first two websites below and find information regarding fees and services for the student/college checking accounts offered. Raise your hand if you have questions. Feel free to explore the bank pages, but do not navigate off of the bank website.

Susquehanna Bank
Look up information on the STELLAR CHECKING ACCOUNT

Bank of America

Other Local Banking Institutions:
M&T Bank
F&M Trust
Orrstown Bank

Cash? Check? Credit?

Learn everything you need to know about paying for your purchases with cash, maintaining a checking account, and using a credit card wisely by following the link below. Practice writing checks, balancing checkbooks, and making smart decisions.

In terms of your packet, "Money Management," follow the link for tips for tweens and then the link for savings. Read the information for "How Banks Work" and "About Savings Accounts." When you are finished, visit the spending link and read "Cash, Check, or Credit?" Make sure you click on vocabulary words you are unsure of. You will be expected to know words like deposit, interest, or withdrawal.

Additional Resources on Savings Accounts and Checking Accounts

Banking Lesson Plans
Types of Accounts - Wells Fargo

Credit Card Simulator

What would happen if you spent only $2,000 using a credit card and made the minimum payment? How much did those items really cost? Check that out and more about credit cards at Channel One.

Credit Card Simulator

SCHOLASTIC: Money Confident Kids

Follow this LINK to read more about how to spend and save your money wisely. Feel free to explore - play the games and check out the glossary. (It may even help you with your foldable.)

Protecting Your Information

Check out the Cyberspace Academy and learn what information you should and should not share. Then, play the games noted in your packet.

Personal Information


Click HERE to play the latest version of Financial Football.
Click HERE to play the latest version of Financial Soccer

Money Metropolis

Click HERE to play this game to practice spending and saving your money wisely.

Celebrity Calamity

Play this game and learn how to balance your debit card charges and credit card charges. You manage a minor celebrity's money and determine how important purchases are paid for. Enjoy!

Celebrity Calamity

Credit and Debit Cards

Read this article from the NY Times about the differences between credit and debit cards. How would you pay for certain purchases online, in stores, and monthly expenses after reviewing this article.

Credit and Debit Cards

Hands on Banking (EXTRA CREDIT!)

Hands on Banking 4.0 for Teens
In order to receive extra credit, you must complete the teen version of the program on your own time at home and print/e-mail the teacher your certificate.