1)This hyperlink will show you the video of the MLK Holiday bill being signed into law by then President Ronald Reagan.


a) Why did President Reagan reference the song he did?
b) Could he have referenced another song in this context? If so, what song, and why?

2)This hyperlink will take you to a series of video clips. Please watch the clip entitled, “MLK Day Legacy of Service.”


a) Whose remarks were most meaningful to you?
b) What do you believe GASD should do to observe MLK Day 2014 and why?

3)This hyperlink will take you to a list of quotes by Martin Luther King, Jr.


a) Read the quotes that are listed on the opening web page. Take a class vote on which quote you collectively believe is the most powerful.
b) If we lived in accordance with the truth contained within this particular quote, what would the appearance of our lives be?

4)This hyperlink will take you to excerpts of Dr. King’s speech texts.

a) Read each of the excerpts on the opening page. Vote on the speech your class would like to read in its entirety. Why did your class select this one? What was it about the excerpt that captured your interest?
b) Read the speech text and discuss what Dr. King’s main points were.
5)This hyperlink will take you to a listing of several of Dr. King’s speeches.
a) Poll the class. Select a speech that most of the class has never heard. Then, select and view the speech.
b) What were Dr. King’s main points? What would Dr. King hope we would do in response to hearing his speech?