USPT (United States Patent and Trademark Office)

Click here to learn more about patents and the inventions they are associated with!


This resource will answer your questions about the invention process - how to apply for a patent and respect the ideas of others. Click here to start learning more!

Forgotten Inventors

Read up on forgotten inventors of some pretty interesting and everyday items by clicking here.

African American Inventors

Visit the Scholastic site, African American Inventors: A Black History in America,and page through the different inventors. Make sure you read carefully and fill in the information in your packet as you work.

Wallace & Gromit's Workshop

Help Wallace and Gromit solve a variety of problems in their test lab. Try to complete as many levels as possible. Make sure you think outside the box!
Want more Wallace and Gromit fun? Check out their Invention Suspension game at home!

Learning Games for Kids: INVENTORS

Check out this page of games and videos on inventors.


Check out WHOALER Coaster on the PBS website and build and test your own little roller coaster! Make sure you note your potential and kinetic energy as you test the track!


Inventive Kids

Check out some of these young inventors!

CNBC Presentation on Kid Inventors

"Flip" through the presentation from class on inventions by KIDS!

Ellen TV

WITH YOUR PARENT'S PERMISSION, check out some of the kid inventors that have been featured on the Ellen Degenere's Show!


The Henry Ford: The Life of Henry Ford

Read more about Henry Ford and the Ford Motor Company by clicking HERE!

Chevron Carsville

Play this game at HOME - Build a car and play this fun interactive game to learn more about how the automobile works and how to take care of one!

Bill Nye: The Automobile

Watch this 7 minute video clip on the automobile.


Goldberger to Go!

Can you perfect this Rube Goldberg invention for serving lunch to a hungry cast? Make sure you pay VERY careful attention to how the invention works. Click HERE to play the game.

FOSSWeb: Levers & Pulleys

For this activity, use simple machines to catch a burglar. Click HERE to try!

Museum of Science and Industry

Play this game to practice applying your knowledge of simple machines.

Rube Goldberg INFO

Amazing Rube Goldberg
Rube Goldberg Competition Information (or click on gallery to view some of his cartoons)

6 Simple Machines Prezi

Boiler Bytes: Rube Goldberg team sets world record