What is Green Building?

Watch this video by Building Green TV to learn a little bit more about what green building means. More green building videos can be found by clicking HERE!


Kentucky Green & Healthy Schools

Learn about what Kentucky schools are doing to be GREEN!

Danny Forester

Host of the TV show Build it Bigger, Danny Forester provides information about building sustainable homes and some of the projects that he has participated in. Learn more about him by clicking HERE!

Green Building Glossary

Visit the Green Glossary at Green Towers for New York to learn more about the terms that we have used throughout our Green Building Unit!

Strange Buildings and Architecture

Read about 18 strange buildings found around the world.

Walkie Talkie Building in London

See the damage the reflection from the Walkie Talkie building has caused in London by watching this video through Scholastic.

One World Trade Center

Learn more about how One World Trade Center attack's its environment with falling ice by watching this news broadcast from ABC News.


My Sustainable House

Play this 25-35 minute game to learn more about green building. Play game 2, to build your own sustainable home. Click HERE to get started!

NRDC's The Green Squad

With a partner, complete the NRDC's The Green Squad activity. Make sure you document all of your discoveries on your Green Squad Progress Chart. It is also important that you complete at least three readings of the fact sheets located in the "library." Any extra time should be spent reading those fact sheets with your partner in order to increase your ranking.

Keep it Cool! Virtual Lab

With your partner, please complete the Keep it Cool! Virtual Lab. Make sure you read the information carefully in your packet and online. It is important that you carefully document the location of your probes and the temperatures. If you have problems accessing the activity, raise your hand and wait for me to log you in.


Watch/participate in the brief video activity called Heat in the Home! Make sure you pay attention to how heat is transferred. Take notes in your packet! If the video is too fast, feel free to watch it a second time or use the readings at your table to help you fill in your notes.


If you struggled with The Heat in the Home video/activity, complete this interactive activity - Heat Transfer: Conduction, Convection, Radiation.

Roofus' Home

Explore Roofus' Home and learn more about efficient building practices.


Play EnerCitiesand see how many levels you can complete before depleting your nonrenewable resources.


Green Building Material Criteria

What makes a building material green? Are there some green materials that you can think of on your own?

Green Building Supply

A variety of stylish green building materials that can be used in place of materials that are not environmentally friendly.

Green Depot

A wide variety of materials for use in a green building design. Right now environmentally friendly paint is ON SALE!!!

Eco Supply Center

Another stylish distributor of green building materials located just south of us in Virginia!!!

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