Decimal Games


Sheppard Software
Follow this link and practice your decimal skills.
BITS & PIECES I: Decimal Place Value, Compare Decimals, Order Decimals 1 & 2

Flower Power
Play Flower Power to test your fraction, decimal, and percentage comparison skills.

Decimal Darts
Follow the instructions to play decimal darts. Carefully select numbers between the given numbers to pop balloons with darts.

Place Value Spin
Play against the robot and try and create the greatest number. This is VERY similar to the place value game you played during math enrichment and again in class.

Decimals of the Caribbean
Carefully shoot the correct pirate ship. Make sure you are reading the numbers CAREFULLY!

The Decimal Detectives
Play this game to practice your number-line skills. Make sure you follow the directions carefully. Start on "Rookie."

Builder Ted
Help poor little puppy Dougal stay dry by ordering the decimals and helping Builder Ted fix the roof.

Practice ordering decimals. This is GREAT test practice!

Award Ceremony
Help organize team times and events and award medals to winning teams!

Decimals in Space
Play in regular mode (without negatives.) You will need to use the arrows on your keyboard to move your ship to aim, and then the space bar to shoot. Raise your hand if you need help.


Railroad Repair
Add small decimal values together to complete the railroad track for the train.

Power Football
Play this game with all of the decimal operations (select all of the above) and at the hardest level (Super Brain). Use scrap paper if you need it. DO NOT GUESS!

Math Soccer - Adding (Decimals)
Add the decimals together and try to make a goal! Use scrap paper instead of guessing!

Math Soccer - Subtraction (Decimals)
Subtract the decimals and try to make a goal!

Math Baseball - Adding (Decimals)
Add the decimals together and hit a home run.

Math Baseball - Subtraction (Decimals)
Subtract the decimals and hit a home run.

Math Basketball - Adding (Decimals)

Math Basketball - Subtraction (Decimals)

Math Basketball - Multiplication (Decimals)

Mission Magnetite
Practice identifying fraction, decimal, and percent equivalents.

Test your skills at fraction, decimal, and percent equivalents.

Percent Goodies
From the list of games, select "Percent Goodies." You are given two of the three equivalents (fraction, decimal, percent). Find the missing value.

Fractions, Decimals, Percents Jeopardy
Test your knowledge of equivalents by completing this Jeopardy game. Thanks Mckenzie!